While producing a movie, a commercial, or a documentary; the importance of the film crew cannot be overlooked. Crew members are people who remain behind the scenes but play a very important role in the success of any production. A successful movie will invariably have a professional film crew. Crew members include technicians, location scouts, executive producers, line producers, make up artists, hair dressers, fashion stylists, cameramen, assistant cameramen, gaffers, grips, set designers, soundmen, script supervisors and more.

A professional movie crew member is highly trained and knows his job well; he is well-versed with the latest technology in his field and can use all the equipment easily. He gels well with the team and plays his part to perfection.

While filming in Morocco, we can help you in crew selection to ensure that the quality of production does not suffer for lack of required technicians or supervisors. Whether you are looking for a whole crew or individual crew members, we can help you find the most suitable people for the job.

All crew members provided by us are professional and highly trained. We will help you shortlist experienced crew members who have worked on prestigious projects before and will help complete your production perfectly to your satisfaction. They will additionally be easy on your pocket as they will charge you much less than their western counterparts Also, hiring local crew members will save additional money of the airfare that you would have spent on bringing your own crew. As for language, it will not be a problem as the crew members provided by us are well versed with English, French, Italian, and Spanish.

Just let us know of your crew requirements and we can get you the most professional and experienced film crews for shooting in Morocco.